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With all of the uncertainty still around covid, not to mention how difficult it actually is to find a facility that has the equipment, space and are even willing to allow live chickens for a workshop, I have decided to create a virtual chicken workshop!!
I know sounds weird right? But in actuality I think that it will be a great value and I think you will benefit tons from this format.
Here's the basic idea of what I'm thinking.
It will be a combination of videos, handouts and live zoom sessions.
There will be seven modules with a specific start date and will take place over 8 weeks total.  
At the start date, Module 1 will be released with all of the resources you need on choosing your chickens, preparing your chickens, preparing your training site, inexpensive props, some fun hands-on skills games, etc. This module is set to be 2 weeks long to give you plenty of time to prepare.
We'll be covering 3 topics over the course of the remaining 6 modules; criterion, shaping and targeting.
Each topic will have 2 weeks dedicated to it and you will learn the topic using two levels of a fun behavior each week.
And I want you to help me create it! So if this sounds like it's right up your alley, read on and click on the 'Learn More' button!!

Founders launch is limited to just 11 participants.

The next VIRTUAL workshop will be:  

A Cluck I (beginner) FOUNDERS workshop

Date: TBD

Location: Online

Zoom session time TBD

Price: FOUNDING  $199, Save $200      
(Regular will be $399)

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